Course Details
Length Of the Course :- One Year
B.Ed Course of Study - 1000 marks
1. Theory Paper - 500 Marks
2. Practical Paper - 500 Marks
PaperCourse ContentMarks
1. Education and society value, education human right environment education population education 80 + 20
2. Education measurement and evalution 80 + 20
3. Education phsychology personality & creative skill development 80 + 20
4. Application of computer and communicative skills 80 + 20
5. Woman Education 80 + 20
6. School Organization 80 + 20
7. Select any two of the following :-
1)Teaching of Social Science(History Geography Civics, Political Science)
2)Teaching of Physical Science
3)Teaching of Primary Education
4)Teaching of Sanskrit
5)Teaching of Commerce
6)Teaching of life (Biological Science)
7)Teaching of Mathematics
8)Teaching of English
9)Teaching of Modern Indian Language (Hindi/Urdu)
80 + 20
8. Practice Teaching :-
Teaching of co-curricular activities
1)Preperation of 30 lessonplan
2)Demonstration of 25 lesson in real situation under the supervision of subject experts.
3)At least 5 criticisms lessons should be demonstrated among colleagues & subject experts
4)External Evaluation
70 + 30
9. Class work and extra mural activities :-
1)Preperation of TLM of school subject.
2)Construction of achievement test in school subject.
3)Collection of stories poems plays and painting which is useful for students.
4)Organization of science exhibition.
5)Organisation of sport of a school.
6)Prepare a case study of a school.
7)Preperation of test of hard spot in any school subject.
8)Preperation of annual calendar.
9)Improvisation of apparatus.
10)Designing Comprehensive field trip play for a group of twenty to thirty students.
11)Study of a selected problem of community life.
12)Map making :- Expension constructions copying.
13)Prepare time links of two rurals and their achievements.
14)Preperation of various handicrafts and wood craft related to teaching learning.
Paper 100
Session work on each of the two practical teaching subjects 100