Teachers are the backbone of the nation. In the Scientific and modern age, our nation needs competent and skillful teachers. Magadh Teachers Training College(Co-ed) has a dedicated team of expert and experienced faculty members who impress upon along with a conceptual basis.

Magadh Teachers Training College (Co-ed) is recognized by the National Council for Teacher Education (N.C.T.E.) regional center of Bhuvaneshwar Orissa. It follows the syllabus of Magadh University. The College is managed by the Magadh Educational Development Society, West Church Road, Gaya.

Magadh Teachers Training College (Co-ed) is situated in the Gaya District which lies in the heart of Bihar state. It is founded by Late Ramayan Roy. He was devoted personality forwards education and professional framing. His dream Come out actually in the form of this Magadh Teachers Traning College Gaya on the sacred earth of Magadh in 1970.

Aims and objectives

1. To provide prospective teachers, knowledge, and understanding of pedagogy visioning skills and efficiency essential for the teaching-learning process and necessary for quality education.
2. To help the teachers in understanding and developing human values in students.
3. To help the teachers in understanding the nature of child conduct and share their experiences and problems in teaching and to spread innovative practices to boost education activities.
4. To help the teachers to understand a child’s capability, aptitude, emotions, instincts, ambition, etc.
5. To help the teacher in organizing, supervising, participating, in co-curricular activities of the school.
6. To provide teachers to get knowledge of various teaching aids (teaching, learning, material) print media and electronic media which are essential to facilitate the teaching-learning process.
7. To provide teachers to understand the historical background of the Indian system or other countries.
8. To provide teachers who will engage in the appraisal of pupil characteristics adjustment of behavior evaluation of individual performance etc and may even undertake some individual counseling.
9. To provide teachers to get knowledge, develop and promote facilities to provide relationship to girls and to ensure greater participation.
10. To prove the quality of education through various interventions and to stress upon the relevance and quality of girls’ education for their empowerment.
11. College believes the relationship of Guru Shishya just like ancient Indian education.